Test Drove 2013 Escape S

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Test Drove 2013 Escape S

Postby bikerlbf406 - November 24th, 2012, 12:57 am

Well although I'm not interested in buying another new vehicle, the local Ford Dealer sent me an advertisement for black Friday sale and for test driving any vehicle you get a free $25 Best Buy gift card. So I decided to take it up and drive a new Escape since it is a total different animal from the '04 and '12 models I had. Very nice I must say. It is pretty much my Focus on steroids except a conventional automatic trans instead of a DCT trans and a different motor. The Kodiak Brown Paint Job that the one I test drove had......which is similiar to the one pictured here......
really does look nice. Looks black unless in the sun light then its a brown with a hint of gold metallic. Although I would want one that is moderately equipped instead of a stripped down model like I drove. Overall I do really like them despite not liking the shape of the body when I first saw pictures of them online.
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