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  1. Problems And Solutions
    Hi y'all, I've got a 2008 Ford Escape 2.3l 5-Speed Manual Transmission. I think it's haunted. The first issue, one I ignored, is the door sensor doesn't work. I can leave the lights on, the key in, etc and it will never chime. No big deal. The next few have all began within a few weeks of each...
  2. Problems And Solutions
    Today my main A/C temperature control dial on my ‘08 Escape Hybrid stopped working. The temperature setting is stuck and won’t change when I rotate the knob. All the other dials work - volume, tuning, fan power, passenger temp - this is the only one that has stopped working. Any idea of how to...
  3. Problems And Solutions
    The abs control module went out on my 2008 escape. I have tried 3 states and can not find this part. What do I do? Would a used module be ok to use? What are the cons of doing so? Mechanic told me this part may never become available as it seems parts for older cars are becoming obsolete. Any...
1-3 of 3 Results