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  1. Problems And Solutions
    My wife was complaining about her AC not blowing cold so when I popped the hood to check the freon I noticed her cooling fan #2 (On the driver's side) was completely blown apart and seized. I pulled out the old fans and tested the new ones before installing. Got it all back together and cooling...
  2. Problems And Solutions
    Today my main A/C temperature control dial on my ‘08 Escape Hybrid stopped working. The temperature setting is stuck and won’t change when I rotate the knob. All the other dials work - volume, tuning, fan power, passenger temp - this is the only one that has stopped working. Any idea of how to...
  3. Problems And Solutions
    I saw a few threads about this topic but nothing quite like what I am experiencing. I have a 2012 6 cyl limited with 160k miles, a former Avis Rental. It appears to have been well maintained and in a few days I will have owned it for one full year and over 20k miles. I have replaced the...
1-3 of 3 Results