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  1. Problems And Solutions
    Hello escape community, I have a 2008 Ford Escape having odd problem lately. Twice within the last week randomly It has a bad front end shake at speeds over 30-40mph+ and we get a terrible smell under hood I would like to believe it’s electrical smell. First time I pulled over. Shut the car off...
  2. Problems And Solutions
    Good Day, so my 2014 ford escape has been going crazy on me lately where the dash lights flicker and turn off i dont lose power steering or brakes but when its acting up like this and i shut it off its hit or miss if it will start again i have some codes from my OBD2 reader and im just looking...
  3. 2013 - 16 Escape / 2012 - Present Kuga Discussion
    Hey All, Wondering if anyone has successfully fitted 245/65/17 AT tires on a 2016 ford escape. Im being offered a good deal on a set and want to upgrade, but concerned about fitment. Has anyone tried this specific size before? If so, did you need spacers? level/lift? etc. Cheers!
  4. Exterior Mods
    Driving in my neighborhood, and saw an Escape similar to my '08 Mariner (obviously, different lights, bumpers, grill...) I was quite surprised to see that it had different windows in the rear cargo area; The driver coincidentally stopped about 3 blocks from my house, so I pulled up alongside and...
  5. Problems And Solutions
    I have a 2002 Ford Escape. When shifting into drive the transmission will not engage. No feeling of vehicle locking into D. The engine will just rev. Reverse works fine. The vehicle drives perfectly if I start in 1st, shift to 2nd then put in drive. The vehicle will continue to drive perfectly...
1-5 of 5 Results