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  1. Problems And Solutions
    2001 Escape 3.0 Wires were cut on ignition switch connector. Please does some know where I can get a pinout. It's a 7 pin connect. Colors are rd/blu tan/ltblu blk/grn yel/grn blk/yell I think they are faded. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Problems And Solutions
    In the last month, I noticed that when I turn the key to start the car, it takes a bit longer for the car to start, maybe 1/2 to a full second. It used to start much faster, almost instantaneously, definitely less than half a second. What could this mean? It's a 2008 Escape Hybrid w/ 120k miles...
  3. Problems And Solutions
    I recently replaced the wheel bearing, wheel hub, and abs sensor on my 2015 Escape Titanium. Now the engine won't turn off when I push the button to do so. I have to hold the button in for about 5-7 seconds for the engine to turn off. Is this a known issue? Is there a simple explanation...
1-3 of 3 Results