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  1. Swap 'n Shop
    I just sold my 2005 4WD Mariner V6 after 14 years of ownership. I have an XCal 3 I purchased from Torrie back in 2008 that I’d like to sell. It has 3 tunes (87 Eco, 87 Performance, and 93 Performance. I paid almost $400 back in 2008. Looking to get $150. The XCal was only used on 1 vehicle. I...
  2. Problems And Solutions
    Hey all, I’ve had my escape for about a year now and got 68k miles on it. I’ve changed the oil filter, spark plugs, and fuel filter yet I still get bad mpg. My average is around 11-12mpg and it’s draining gas fast a lot. I do have small exhaust leaks in my exhaust pipe and i’m looking to replace...
  3. Tailgate Chat
    Guys I have a super well maintained 2010 v6 3.0 awd flex fuel that I bought a year ago with 120k miles for $3000. The previous owner took care of it well and when I bought it I did all the fluid changes exc. I love this car but it suck’s horribly on gas. It gives me about 180-200 miles per tank...
1-3 of 3 Results