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03 escape knocking and low oil press at low rmp

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I have a 2003 escape and it started knocking and at low RPM the oil pressure light comes on. I know it is a serious engine problem, has anyone experianced this before and exactly what was the damage? I did a compression test and #2 cylinder was lower than the rest, i put some oil in the cylinder and it brought the compression back up. I talked to my buddy who is a mechanic and he thinks it is aconnecting rod bearing. any other ideas? I am just trying to decide if it is worth fixing or if I will sell it for parts as is.
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yes there was lots of oil in it, the oil has been changed regularly, always used synthetic 5w20 since new.
it is the 3.0 engine, when i checked compression I did it dry first then when #2 was low i put oil in the cylinder and it brought the compression up. the knocking is very loud on start up for a few seconds then it goes away completly until the engine gets warm (approx 3-4 mins) then it starts all the time again. And i have not driven it since this has happened, just into my garage to do the compression tests. anybody have any ideas on repair costs if it were a rod bearing? I may just end up trading it in with the cash for clunkers program
all the beer you can drink if you come fix it for me. i have a line on a complete engine with 30k on it so i may go that route.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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