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03 escape uncomfortable vibration and clunking

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i have a 2003 ford escape with about 106,000 miles on it and i recently have been having a rash of problems. I first had the entire drive shaft replaced due to a worn carrier bearing, including new U-joints. Tie rod ends, both front lower control arms, new moog sway bar links, new front springs, new kyb struts up front, new strut mounts, new rear monroe shocks. I have been having an annoying vibration typically appear from about 20mph up. I also have new tires and i have had them rebalanced three times with no luck. I dont know what either could possibly be??
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Interesting. I was researching engine and driveline vibrations when I came across a piece of info that made me think of this post.

I'm not versed in transmissions at all. I'm just passing on some info.

A torque converter that's out of balance can feel like an out of balance driveline. And it may not be noticeable a low speed but gets worse as the vehicle speeds up.

Like I said, I don't know transmissions. But it wouldn't hurt to have a transmission mechanic take it out for a test drive.
The shop test drove it then rebalanced the wheels and did an alignment. Did they test drive it after? Did they notice a difference or no difference?

After you rotated the tires, you felt it was worse, then that's a key piece of clue. If that's the only thing you did and it felt worse, the problem is tire related.

Rotate 2 tires only and see if it feels different. Then rotate the other 2 and see how it feels.

Check for tire flat spot(s).
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