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03 escape uncomfortable vibration and clunking

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i have a 2003 ford escape with about 106,000 miles on it and i recently have been having a rash of problems. I first had the entire drive shaft replaced due to a worn carrier bearing, including new U-joints. Tie rod ends, both front lower control arms, new moog sway bar links, new front springs, new kyb struts up front, new strut mounts, new rear monroe shocks. I have been having an annoying vibration typically appear from about 20mph up. I also have new tires and i have had them rebalanced three times with no luck. I dont know what either could possibly be??
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thanks for the quick responses!! I am going to take the car into the shop that put the new driveshaft in and see if they can find anything wrong with the balance of the driveshaft or U-Joints. I havent really noticed any up and down or side to side vibration but ill be sure to pay attention next time. I also have a newer half shaft on the front passenger side forgot to mention that as well. Engine oil is perfect just changed the oil about 2 weeks ago and check periodically.
ok so i took it back to the place that put the driveshaft in and asked them to test drive it and look it over. They did and then wanted to see if the wheels were balanced even though i had them rebalanced 3X over the past few weeks. They showed me one of the tires on the balancer and it seemed the tire was bouncing? and they said it was due to being unbalanced. So i had them rebalance all the wheels and do an alignment while it was in and then i drove it and there was no change at all in the harsh ride and vibration. The next day i decided to rotate the tires thinking it may help but it seems that it only made it worse..I also tried your guys suggestions with the coasting in neutral and the vibrations were still present..idk what it could possibly be at this point. thanks for the help so far!
the shop in fact did not test drive it afterwards...prob my fault i should have asked them also feels no different after driving it for a bit with the tires rotated and i saw no flat spots on the tires when i rotated them. the rims are the factory 16" alloys so at this point they are over 7 years old so they could be ever so slightly bent but i didn't notice anything again when i rotated them. the tires only have 4,000 miles on them and they are Kumho Sat Kl61 tires.
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