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03 escape uncomfortable vibration and clunking

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i have a 2003 ford escape with about 106,000 miles on it and i recently have been having a rash of problems. I first had the entire drive shaft replaced due to a worn carrier bearing, including new U-joints. Tie rod ends, both front lower control arms, new moog sway bar links, new front springs, new kyb struts up front, new strut mounts, new rear monroe shocks. I have been having an annoying vibration typically appear from about 20mph up. I also have new tires and i have had them rebalanced three times with no luck. I dont know what either could possibly be??
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The cheapest and least frustrating method to follow myself is:
Have the whole driveshaft taken off and drive for a while without it.If the vibration is gone then you will know that the problem is either shaft balancing related as martin-csr said or U-joints related despite the fact they are new.
When the vibration occurs do you sense any up and down feeling on your body or a sideways one?If any of these feelings is evident then your front half shafts need some attendance.
Please let us know of your findings.

PS.:please, forgive me for mentioning this, but is there enough oil in the engine?
That is very true.
That is why one of the first questions in these situations is:Does the vibration persists even when coasting at the same speed in neutral?
If no difference in vibration the culprit is somewhere in the drive line or rims and tires.
If the vibration goes away the engine or the transmission need some tending to, with the corresponding mounts.
I'm really :cuss: at places like that.
If the wheel was obviously bouncing on the machine then, the rim is at fault and not the wheel balancing. I don't know how old the rims are but all it takes for them aluminum wheels to get strembled is one single pot hole at high speed.
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