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03 Mazda Tribute lift kit

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Hey y'all. Anyone ever come across a 03 Escape or Tribute lift kit? Nothing crazy, just looking for 2-2.5 inch lift? Any ideas?

Thank you.
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Thank you sir, that is a great starting point. I really need to lift her a bit higher than 1'', but I will keep this in mind. Thank you.....
thank you you know a link for the 2'' spring maker? 2'' would work nicely for me. i cruise on the beach a lot to surf fish and would like the 2'' and some bigger wheels and tires so i have a little more off road clearance. i see 1'' spring kits but id really like to get a 2'' lift if possible.
Thanks Surf. I think Im gonna keep it simple and do the 1.5'' canuckmotorsport springs and maybe some KYB shock and struts. That should help me a bit. As for your ride, am I reading your cation above the picture correct? Supercharged? Very cool. Where did you get the SC? How was it to install? Cost? I'll have to log in to cardomain to check out more about your ride. :D
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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