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05 Sport Trac

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So I may be inheriting/reposessing/otherwise start driving a 2005 Sport Trac v6 2x4 XLT

It's recently recieved new tires (GY Forterres I think), some body work, and most recently a 2nd water pump replaced in 2.5-3 years.

If I'll be keeping said vehicle, before I go off searching for a new forum to bother, I mean discuss with, any insight to this model? Know issues, thinks to look for, need to take care of, etc?

Found the original window sticker, and wow 29K, that's a tad more than my Li'l was! :shock:

Thanks again ya'll!
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Congratulations! :thumb:

It is a great truck, my Gfs dad's had one, really confortable, and it behave good in the mud. However he was always complaining of the poor fuel economy it had, It was 4.0 V6 2008, i don't recall exactly but i believe he was getting something around 16-18km/g, about 10-11 mi/g. He drove mostly in the city, but ended up trading it for a Nissan Navara diesel (I believe in the US is not available, is a Pathfinder based pick up) due this issue.
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