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'06 Escape Sub install

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Hey all,

New the the forum, been lurking for a while though. I recently bought an '06 escape and had a stereo from a previous vehicle that i wanted to install. My main concern was that I didn't want to lose any cargo space, and wanted everything to look stock. I had played with a few ideas, checked out fourthmeals install, but didnt want to try my hand at fiberglass. After a few failed attempts with wood working i figured out that there was an easy solution to my problem. I basically removed the plastic floor in the back compartment, sealed off every hole and gap in it, laid down 1/2" closed cell foam (ie. blue camping mat...) across the entire rear, mounted the 2 10" subs in the plastic(big magnet on them, about a 6" mounting depth), bolted it back down and had a good sounding, roughly 1.6cf sealed enclosure. I built a wood deck to go over top of the original platic floor to protect the subs and to be able to still load some weight in there.

Rear wood deck removed

close up of subs

after the install

Factory carpet still covers all, it sounds good, and from the outside you cant even tell. This setup probably wouldn't get you high spl, but the SQ is actually pretty good
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Welcome to the boards FDescape!

I like that take on it. I was planning on doing the same type of thing, but since my spare is under the car, I was going to build a box for the subs and amps. Do you have a picture of the wood covering?
Hmmm.....I do like it this way. I haven't gotten around to taking out the plastic floor yet, but how much sealing was there to do? Also, where did you end up putting your amp?
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