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06 xlt 6 stack radio possible aux connection?

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hi all as per title i have an 06 xlt with the 6 stcker radio
i have the aux option on the radio but i have no idea what it does or anything
i have no sat nav.

no i have searched here but cant find it im sure i read soem were i can pull a cord from behind the glove box near the radio that willallow me to plug a mp3 player in, is this correct?

if not wats the aux good for?

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thanks 4th
but u reckon its compatible with the aussie version???

also how the f do i get to the back of the radio is it throught the glove box side?
im not to keen on pullign the dash apart

yeah i have that tool for my last cars but the dash and radio are one in this model

1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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