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07 Escape Zune Interface???

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Hello Everyone!

I am fairly new to the boards, In fact, I usually just read the posts and stay off of the boards. But today (Christmas) I just got a new Zune HD 16 GB. I want to use it in my Escape, but I don't want to use some crappy FM Transmitter.

I have been searching around the internet and have found many options. Basically I want to be able to plug into my zune and not have to fiddle with volume and any other mess.

To sum it up, I don't want an interface that has a headphone jack on one end, and 2 RCA plugs on the other. I want something that is very neat and professional looking. I am pretty particular when it comes to mods and upgrades. I like to keep things looking as stock as possible.

Does anyone here have any ideas or recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

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