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'08 Escape skipping on wet road?

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I was out the other night, it had rained lightly so the road was wet. No puddles to speak of just wet. The car in front of me stopped quickly, so I hit my brake harder than usual. But the Escape didn't stop it (for a lack of a better word) skipped for about ten or so feet. Luckily, I didn't hit anyone. When I was clear in traffic and no one was around, I hit the brake to stop quickly and it happened again. I don't really know much about cars, is there an issue with the tires or the brakes or both?

The tires may be the original set but I'm not sure. It's an 2008 Escape with 40,000 miles.

Any help steering me in the right direction would be appreciated.
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kmoose said:
scashaggy said:
Hmmm. Well, at least everything is working. Although the ABS did almost have me collide with something.

Is there a particular tire that would help with stopping in wet conditions?
40000 miles on the Conti-tracs is a huge part of the problem. Probably time for new tires. Try the Michelin Cross Terrains, Firestone Destination LE or AT (depending on how much noise you want, ATs are louder but more rugged) or Goodyear TripleTreads.
The Contis are the problem alright. I have the TripleTreds and recently had to do a full-on hammer the brakes stop in pissing rain and 5 degrees C and the ABS barely activated. I'm sure that I would have hit the car in front of me if the Contis were still on the Tribute.
scashaggy said:
I just got the TripleTreds. Right away I noticed a difference and they're quieter too. When it rains again, I can see how they handle and stop in wet conditions.
scashaggy said:
Right away I noticed a difference and they're quieter too.
What I immediately noticed was that the Tribute tracked much better through curves without the need for constant little corrections. Oh, and that you could take a hard corner without the tires squealing in agony :yes: Over the next few days I noticed that pulls to the left/right on various roads and/or temperatures had also been banished and that at highway speeds you could talk to passengers without having to shout over the tire noise. The TTs give a little more "thump" over expansion joints than the Contis but are otherwise head+shoulders better than the Contis.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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