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bought my escape at 62k, and i am just about to hit 100k.

i was wondering if there is any maintanence i should be concerned about?

havnt really done much on it other than fuel filter and oil filter changes and a brake job.

should i be looking into tranny flushes, spark plug replacement, any other things i can do to prolong the life of my truck? it runs amazing as of right now but i like to be cautious. thanks for the help

and avoiding stealership costs would be a bonus ;)

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At 100,000 km, I do:
- engine oil and filter
- power steering fluid reservoir
- grease joints (none for stock, but I have greasable sway bar links)
- weatherstrip lubrication (silicone spray on the rubber)
- lube parking brake cable
- tire rotation
- fuel filter
- air filter
- transmission fluid drain/fill
- lubricate locks, latches, and hinges
- coolant drain/fill
- spark plugs
- PCV valve

I wouldn't do a transmission flush, as most shops can't seem to do it properly without solvents or external pressure. Just do a periodic drain-and-fill.

Here is my complete schedule, based on Severe Condition D:
10,000 km
-engine oil & filter (Arctic)
-power steering fluid reservoir
-grease all joints
-weatherstrip lubrication
-lube parking brake cable
-tire rotation

25,000 km
-fuel filter
-air filter
-transmission fluid drain & fill (Dexron VI)
-lubricate locks, latches, hinges

50,000 km

100,000 km
-spark plugs (ACDelco Rapidfire 8)
-PCV valve

200,000 km
-accessory drive belt

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I recently , had a major service on the escape. It was the 90,000 km interval. This was classed as a major service. The mechanic checked everything. New brake pads were fitted. Oil drain and refill with new " PENRITE ". A set of new ' Iridium ' spark plugs. New " Mazda " oil filter, because the escape is basically a tribute.

New wiper blades. Tires were rotated. Drain braking system and top up with new brake fluid. Dump transmission oil, and refill with new gearbox oil. :) New air filter and replace petrol pump filter.

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stone said:

Drain braking system and top up with new brake fluid.

That should never be done. Old brake fluid is pumped out using new brake fluid - no draining involved. And brake fluid should never be topped up, as the level will decrease as the pads wear. If the fluid gets too low, then you have a leak and should fix it.
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