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12v switched signal

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I have a '08 Escape XLT V6 4wd, and I need a good 12v switched signal, preferably in the dash area. This will be used to fire a relay for my driving lights, and as a remote to turn on my amp since I still have the factory head unit. I know there are alot of audiophiles on this board so maybe someone can help. Thanks in advance

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This one should be easy!

For your amp, you should use the Accessory Delay feed, so that it will operate the same way as the factory head unit (+12V in ACCESSORY, RUN, and after you shut off the ignition, for up to ten minutes or until a front door is opened). The GREEN with BLUE STRIPE wire operates the power windows and the power moonroof. You should be able to find this wire in harness under the driver-side kick panel, shown below by the large circle. It runs up to the C214 A-pillar connector, shown by the smaller circle. It's a hefty circuit, protected by the 30A fuse at F47, so you can probably use a fairly high-power relay. Always look for more than one wire of the same color in the harness, even though this one should be the only one with that color.

Direct image link: ... cdelay.jpg

For the driving light relay, you should use a +12V in START/RUN feed, so that the lights are off if you want to use the audio system in ACCESSORY. Luckily, there's a BLUE with ORANGE STRIPE wire in the same harness, and it also runs to the same A-pillar connector. This circuit operates the compass inside the interior rear-view mirror, and maybe the Restraints Control Module, depending on the manufacture date of your '08. It's protected by the 10A fuse at F31. Again, make sure that this is the only wire with that color combination in that harness.

Finally, test both of those wires with a high-impedance digital multimeter before you connect anything to them, just to make sure.
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