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How long ago, and how many mi/km? Ford warranties some of their new parts pretty well. Have you checked to see if they will stand behind their parts?
If installed professionally, what do they say? Have you asked? They may have more/better information about part warranty. It is possible, not necessarily so, that the turbo was not installed properly, such as in cooling and oil flow. Something caused the original to fail at what I would say was earlier than normal lifetime. Was there a problem causing the original to fail that was overlooked upon installation of the replacement. I would seriously consider having someone with good knowledge inspect the failed turbo for the cause, and inspect the installation for possible contributory circumstances. For example if the coolant flow was partially blocked, or the oil supply tube crimped or compromised, either could cause a replacement to fail more quickly than normal.
Even leaving off a heat shroud or putting one in improperly can contribute to early failure. A sticking waste gate... I don't know all the bits'n'pieces that could help damage, but someone in the biz may see with a quick inspection.
IOW, whoever installed it may help, Ford may help, or you might want to get an experienced turbo tech. Other than that, boneyard and a lot of wrenches and sockets... and time.
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