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2-Din Question Need Help Fast!!!

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Hey Guys,

My girlfriend has a 2005 Mercury Mariner with the Mach stereo package. I came across the Pioneer AVH-P3200BT 2 din dvd player on amazon for $300 on sale. Both Amazon and Crutchfield say this will not fit the vehicle. I called Crutchfield who said the Mariner only has 3 9/16th inch height and the Pioneer deck needs 3.9 inches so I'm about a half inch off. Has anyone install a Pioneer 2din in there vehicle or can confirm there is no way it will fit? I haven't had the bezel off or radio out of her car so I don't know what is behind it.

I also then came across this Scosche 2 din mounting kit. It looks like it has the deck out a little bit from the dash. If the deck won't fit on its own do you think I would be able to purchase this then cut the plastic kit on top or botton on the mounting kit if need be to install the deck? I'd like to figure out if I can make this work while it is still on sale. Thanks Guys! ... pd_sim_e_4
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I searched and came across these two threads:

From there picture below it looks like I should be able to cut and make it fit no problem. Can anyone confirm?
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Thanks for the info oskerb. Once I saw some pictures and saw what could be cut away I knew it wouldn't be a problem. It is on sale for $300 from Amazon and still sells for $500 at Wal-Mart so I wanted to find out right away before the sale is over. lol

She is getting the Pioneer for Valentine's Day and maybe if shes luck I'll Zaino it for her. I also have a set of Xenon on the way I plan on installing this weekend. I'll post pics when everything it done. Thanks again for the info guys I've been lurking around the site all afternoon lots of great info!
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