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Bulletin No.: 01-015/02

Last Issued: 04/29/2002


2001-2002 Tributes
2001-2002 All Mazda Trucks (B2300, B2500, B3000, B4000)

Some vehicles may exhibit an inoperative or inaccurate speedometer, 4X4 lamp illumination, and/or DTC P16351/P16391/P0602 after Powertrain Control Module (PCM) replacement in Tribute or Truck or Instrument Cluster Module (ICM) replacement on Tribute. This may be caused by replacement of the PCM or ICM without resetting programmable parameters. The Vehicle Identification (VID) block must be programmed when replacing the PCM or ICM. Vehicles with this concern should be repaired using the repair procedure.

Warranty Type: A
Symptom Code: 62
Damage Code: 9W
Part Number Main Cause: ****-18-881
Quantity: 0
Operation Number / Labor Hours: YY288XRX / 0.5

This information applies to verified customer complaints on vehicles covered under normal warranty. Refer to the SRT microfiche for warranty term information.

Repair Procedure
This procedure was created using WDS software version B18. Later versions of WDS software may have slight variations in WDS screen order and content.

1. Connect the WDS DLC cable to vehicle OBDII connector.

2. Select "16 PIN", Select "All others except those below", press TICK.

3. Screen shows installation of cable and tells you to "turn ignition ON", DO NOT TURN IGNITION ON, press TICK.

4. Screen shows progress bar, then tells you WDS cannot communicate with the PCM and gives you a "YES' and "NO" selection, select "NO".

5. Screen then shows "Turn ignition OFF". Ignition is OFF, press TICK.

6. Screen then shows "Turn ignition ON". Turn ignition ON.

7. Screen shows "The PCM installed in this vehicle is blank. You will be prompted with a list of previous sessions to check if the vehicle was previously identified. Press TICK.

8. Select "None of the above". Press TICK.

9. Screen shows "To enable WDS to reprogram the PCM with the correct calibration: please enter the vehicle calibration number (7-digits) or the catch word (4-digits)." Press TICK.
PCM engineering number, calibration number and catch word number are found on the PCM plastic electrical connector (i.e. PCM engineering number 1L5F-12A650-MB, Catch Word number RIH1). The catch word number may also be found on the right front fender near where the fender meets the cowl, or directly behind washer fluid bottle.

10. On WDS, press the blue box next to "Tear Tag" to highlight it and enter the 4-character catch word number from the PCM. Press TICK, Please wait.

11. On Truck (B2300, B2500, B4000) screen shows "2001 MY 2002 MY" Select correct year.
B3000: Screen shows "Other" and "FFV". (if the 8th character of the VIN is a "V" Select "FFV", if the 8th character of VIN is "U", select "Other"
Tribute: Screen shows "Would you like to obtain backup configuration data for this vehicle?" Select "NO".

12. Screen shows "Set ignition to OFF", - turn ignition OFF. Press TICK.

13. Screen shows "Remove fuel pump relay and cooling fan relays to prevent electrical interference and battery drain".
Truck: There is no cooling fan relay. The fuel pump relay is located in position 50B in the engine fuse box.
Tribute: There are two-50 amp fused (3.0L) labeled "Main Fan" and "Add Fan". Remove only the 50 Amp fuses to deactivate the fans. Fuel pump is a mini fuse 20 amp (position 6) at the under hood fuse box.
- Remove fuses / relay as necessary for your vehicle. Press TICK.

14. Screen shows "Is vehicle equipped with PATS: "YES or NO" Select YES for all vehicles except B2500, for B2500, select NO.

15. Screen shows "Set ignition switch to ON" Turn ignition ON. Screen shows "Downloading data" with a progress bar. (takes approximately 2-3 minutes to complete).

16. Screen shows "Set ignition switch to OFF", turn ignition OFF, press TICK.
Truck: Anti-lock Brake System box appears with choices: "Equipped, Non-Equipped", Select "Equipped". Press green TICK.

17. Screen shows "Set ignition switch to ON" - turn ignition ON and press TICK.

18. Screen shows "This module requires some configuration settings..." Press TICK.

19. Screen shows "Set ignition to ON", Turn ignition ON. Press TICK.

20. Screen shows "Selection Parameters":
WDS may show the parameters as correctly programmed on the WDS screen; however, you must manually reselect each parameter or WDS will not correctly program the PCM.
Tribute: Tire Size?
Axle ratio?
- "Tire size" is highlighted. Press the correct tire size selection in the left column.
- Press "Axle ratio" to highlight it, and then press the correct axle ratio selection in the left column.
- Now Press TICK.
Truck: Manual Shift on the fly - (PCM) Manual or Not Manual?
Tire Size?
Axle ratio?
4X4 low range input - (PCM)?
- Manual shift on the fly - (PCM)? is highlighted, press the correct selection in the right column.
- Press "Tire size" in the left column to highlight it, then press the correct tire size selection in the left column.
- Press "Axle ratio" to highlight it, and then press the correct axle ratio selection in the left column.
- Press 4X4 Low range input - (PCM)? to highlight it, and press the correct selection in the right column.
- Press TICK.

21. Screen shows "Set ignition switch to OFF", turn ignition OFF: press TICK.

22. Screen shows "Set ignition switch to ON"; turn ignition ON.

23. Screen shows "Downloading data", then screen shows "Turn ignition OFF". Turn ignition OFF. Press TICK.

24. Screen shows "Calibration has been loaded and checked". Press TICK.

25. Screen shows "Turn ignition ON), press TICK.

26 Screen shows progress bar then:
Truck (B2300, B2500, 54000): Screen shows "2001 MY 2002 MY, Select correct year. Press TICK.
Truck (B3000): Screen shows "Other" and "FFV". If 8th character of the VIN is a "V", Select FFV, If 8th character of VIN is a "U", select Other.
All Mazda Truck: Screen now shows "Anti-Lock Brake system box". Select "Equipped" and press TICK.
Tribute: Screen shows STEP 29.

27. "Vehicle Specs" screen appears and asks "Is this information correct?" Press YES.

28. "Vehicle Specs" Screen appears again. Now press "Tool Box", then "Module Programming", now press TICK. Screen shows "Please Wait".
Wait for WDS to complete the operation to prevent a lock up.

29. Select "Module Reprogramming", PCM, Press TICK.

30. Screen should say "No later calibration in WDS is available."
The part number should be the same as on the PCM label (unless a later PCM calibration is available).
- Press the "Menu" Icon at the right upper side of the screen and then select "EXIT".

31. "Vehicle Specs" screen appears. Select "Close Session" ICON (lower left side of screen) and select "Close session (delete)". Press TICK.

32. Turn ignition OFF. Disconnect WDS DLC cable from vehicle. Reinstall fuses / relays.

33. PCM is now reprogrammed. Start engine and verify MIL is OFF. Recheck DTC's and confirm only P1000 is present.

34. Verify repair.
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