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I recently drained/flushed the cooling system & replaced the radiator, hoses, thermostat, water pump & belt.

After rebuilding the cooling system, the low coolant warning light remained ON even though I cool visually see the coolant was NOT low. After reading this HOW-TO article I reset the coolant warning as described. The low coolant warning would not extinguish. (2002 Escape V6, 148K miles)

I remove the coolant tank. The tank has two baffled compartments. One compartment contains the coolant warning switch (located in the bottom). Both baffled compartment walls were coated with a black-crud film on the plastic walls. The float inside the coolant warning switch would not rattle when I shook the tank.

I spent about an hour cleaning the two compartments with various liquid cleaners and a long handled small brush.

When finished the coolant warning switch rattled :) .

After the coolant tank cleaning, the coolant warning light has not illuminated, thus saving $70-80.
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