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NOTE: If indexing the driveshaft does not eliminate the vibration, balance the driveshaft. See the 2001-2004 Driveshaft balancing thread.

1) Raise and support the vehicle.

2) CAUTION: Do not reuse the CV joint bolts and washers. Install new bolts and washers only or damage to the vehicle may occur.

Remove the six front driveshaft to power take off bolts and washers.
* Discard the bolts and washers.

3) Rotate the flange 60 degrees.

4) Connect the front driveshaft and install the new bolts and washers.

5) CAUTION: Do not reuse the bolts and straps for the pinion yoke. Install new bolts and straps or damage to the vehicle may occur.

Disconnect the rear driveshaft universal joint.
* Discard the bolts and straps.

6) Rotate the rear pinion yoke 180 degrees.

7) Connect the rear driveshaft and install new bolts and straps.

8) Lower the vehicle and test drive.

9) Repeat the procedure if necessary.
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