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EGR Valve: Service and Repair
1. Remove the EGR valve.
(1) Disconnect the vacuum line.
(2) Disconnect the EGR tube.
(3) Remove the EGR valve and discard the gasket.

1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
^ Carefully clean all sealing surfaces and install a new EGR valve gasket.

NOTE: The EGR valve sealing surfaces are soft metals.

OEM Part
Price (Q1 2009)
EGR ValveYL8Z-9D475-EA
Valve GasketE6AZ-9D476-B
Skill Level
Mfg. Warr.

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2002 XLS Zetec 2.0L I4 engine: Before removing the EGR valve, please note that the Ford workshop manual says the EGR pipe must be replaced if the EGR valve is removed. The pipe & EGR valve are expensive parts, so be sure the problem is w the EGR valve before removing. Although the pipe & etc can be clogged w carbon, it has been reported often that the EGR valve usually doesn't need replacing - typically, EGR problems are with the DPFE sensor.

Also, often times folks report that the EGR valve is hard to remove. So spray the fasteners & big nut w penetrating lubricant (not WD40), let the car sit a while, then drive it somewhere to do something. The next day do it again, let the car cool down a bit, then remove the EGR valve. Use a 10mm socket on the two bolts & a crescent wrench on the nut. To gain better access you may want to remove the air intake duct if necessary.

Note: the torque amount for the EGR valve bolts is 80-INCH/lbs for the bolts on the 2002 XLS 2.0L I4. The big nut is the same: 30 ft/lbs.
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