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First post on the city . Thanks a million for your help!!

Only owned my Maverick (a right hand drive Escape) for a month and love it.

Your advice was really helpful. My manual didn't say anything about the bumber cover to wheel arch cover connectors (I think you call them fenders?) before I read your post I spent a merry hour pulling gently at the cover thinking I'd missed an internal connector or clip below the headlight.

Five minutes after reading your comments it was off, wonderful. The general quality of the connectors are really poor, they remind me of the plastic screw fiat used in the 1970's and 80's to secure the headlights on some of thier models. One use and they snapped. Unfortunately you had to get them off to replace the bulbs..sheesh!

The reason I'm taking the cover off, apart form the sheer joy of working on her, is to replace the broken rectangular fog lights. Seems from other threads that stone dammage is common for these units. If my trick to save money is sucessful I'll post what I've done in a new thread. Looking hopeful so far.

thanks again.

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