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Strut And Spring Assembly

Removal and Installation

All vehicles

1. Remove the wheel and tire.

2. Unclip the brake hose from the bracket.

Vehicles with ABS
3. Disconnect the anti-lock brake harness from the strut and spring assembly.
(1) Remove the bolt.
(2) Position the bracket aside.

All vehicles
4. Position the stabilizer bar link aside.
(1) Remove the upper stabilizer bar link nut.
(2) Position the stabilizer bar link aside.

5. Remove the strut-to-wheel knuckle bolts.

6. Mark the bearing plate outer studs. Marking the studs will aid in the installation in restoring the caster/camber to its original settings.

7. NOTE: Support the strut and spring assembly when removing upper nuts.
Remove the strut and spring assembly.
^ Remove the nuts.

8. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
^ Align the front wheels to specifications.

Disassembly and Assembly
1. Remove the strut and spring assembly.

2. WARNING: Always wear safety goggles when using a spring compressor. Failure to follow these instructions may result in personal injury.
Mount the assembly in a suitable holding fixture and use a suitable spring compressor to compress the front coil spring.

3. Remove the strut piston rod nut.

4. Disassemble the strut and spring assembly.
(1) Remove the metal sheet plate.
(2) Remove the upper strut mount.
(3) Remove the thrust bearing plate.
(4) Remove the thrust bearing.
(5) Remove the upper spring seat.
(6) Remove the upper spring seat isolator.
(7) Remove the spring.
(8) Remove the dust boot.
(9) Remove the rubber bump stopper.
(10) Remove the lower spring seat.

5. NOTE: New fasteners must be used when old fasteners are loosened and/or removed.
NOTE: Make sure that an alignment procedure is carried out any time the strut and spring assembly or the front shock absorber mounting bracket bolts are loosened.
NOTE: Be sure the spring is correctly seated in the insulator.
To assemble, reverse the disassembly procedure.

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