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1) CAUTION: The transfer case driven gear seal must be replaced whenever the linkshaft or transfer case is removed from the vehicle.

NOTE: If necessary, replace the RH differential fluid seal.

Install the transfer case.
* Install the bolts.

2) Install the bolt.

3) Install the bracket and the 6 bolts.

4) Install the RH exhaust manifold.

5) Connect the RH heated oxygen sensor (HO2S).

6) Connect the EGR to exhaust manifold tube.

7) Install the flex pipe and connect the hanger.

8) Install the gasket and the nuts.

9) Install the gasket and the nuts.

10) Connect the flexible Y-pipe to the exhaust manifold and install the two nuts.

11) Connect the RH catalyst monitor sensor.

12) Install the generator.

13) Install the crossmember brace and the four bolts.

14) Check the transfer case fluid level. For additional information, refer to Transfer Case Draining and Filling in this section.

15) Install the driveshaft. See the 2001-2004 Driveshaft removal and installation thread.

16) Connect the battery ground cable.

17) Check the transaxle fluid level.
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