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2001-2004 Transfer Case removal

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1) Disconnect the battery.

2) Drain the transfer case.

3) Remove the driveshaft. See the 2001-2004 Driveshaft removal thread.

4) Remove the 4 bolts and the crossmember brace.

5) Remove the generator.

6) Disconnect the RH catalyst monitor.

7) Remove and discard the 2 nuts and separate the flexible Y-pipe from the manifold.

8) Remove and discard the nuts. Discard the gasket.

9) Remove and discard the nuts. Discard the gasket.

10) Remove the flexible pipe. Disconnect the hanger.

11) Disconnect the EGR valve to exhaust manifold tube at the manifold.

12) Disconnect the RH heated oxygen sensor (HO2S). For additional information, refer to Section 303-14 .

13) Remove the RH exhaust manifold. Discard the gasket.

14) Remove the bracket.
* Remove the five bolts.
* Loosen the bolt.
* Remove the bracket.

15) Remove the 3 bolts.

16) CAUTION: The transfer case driven gear seal must be replaced whenever the linkshaft or transfer case is removed from the vehicle.

NOTE: If necessary, replace the RH differential fluid seal.

Remove the bolt and the transfer case.

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Has anyone on this forum actually attempted to do this repair themselves?

I have a 2002 Ford Escape 3.0L V6 (Chrome Yellow FTW!) and I needed to replace my driver's side halfshaft and I couldn't get it separated from the intermediate shaft (linkshaft). After removing the intermediate shaft, I checked the support bearing and it sounded pretty bad so I decided to replace that assembly as well. But when I put it back together, I noticed transmission fluid leaking from the passenger's side of the PTO (PTU ?) / transfer case. Most all leaks I've seen on this website are on the driver's side... It's definitely leaking ATF and not gear oil. It looks like I need to replace the driven gear seal (it's recommended to change the driven gear seal if you remove/replace the PTO or intermediate shaft) but in order to do so, it looks like I'll need to take apart half of the vehicle.

I have a bunch of tools and I've tackled suspension components, valve cover gaskets, engine mounts and the like - but I don't have a lift and I'm trying to get a feel for how long this might take me or if I should just take it somewhere to get fixed. ALLDATA estimates 5.2-6.9 hours... but I'm no mechanic. This is a back-up car, so time isn't really an issue.

EDIT: OMG, can I use this!? ... cc=1385276
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Well, I did the speedi-sleeve fix instead of removing the entire PTU, but I don't know if it worked yet. I need to buy more transmission fluid and the garage is blocked by a few other cars, but I'll give you guys an update soon!

Until then... :kneel: :angel:

UPDATE: It totally worked! :yahoo: 178k miles and she's still running. Hoping that this car will last at least a couple more years for my parents.
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