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Universal Joint - Center and Rear

Special Tool(s)

Installer/Remover, C Frame & Screw
205-086 (T74P-4635-C)

Removal and installation

CAUTION: Do not reuse the bolts and straps for either of the center U-joint or the pinion yoke U-joint. Install new bolts and straps or damage to the vehicle may occur.

NOTE: There is a difference in length of the head of the replacement yoke strap bolts from the production bolts. The longer head pinion bolts can be used in either location.

1) NOTE: Index the driveshaft yoke to the driveshaft.

Remove the driveshaft. For additional information, refer to Driveshaft in this section.

2) Clamp the special tool into a vise.

3) Remove the snap rings.

4) Press out the bearing cups.
* Rotate the driveshaft 180 degrees and repeat.

5) To install, reverse the removal procedure.
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