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I was trying to figure out how to replace the battery in my key fob and found the answer in my manual. However, I decided to post the text here in case anyone else is looking for the info and forgets about the manual (like I did initially :doh: ). Anyway, here is the text. I'll try to post the digarams and any pics I take trying this ASAP:

Replacing the battery

The transmitter is powered by one coin type three-volt lithium battery CR2032 or equivalent. Typical operating range will allow you to be up to 10 meters (33 feet) away from your vehicle. A decrease in operating range can be caused by:
• weather conditions
• nearby radio towers
• structures around the vehicle
• other vehicles parked next to the vehicle

To replace the battery:
1. Twist a thin coin between the two halves of the transmitter near the key ring. DO NOT TAKE THE FRONT PART OF THE TRANSMITTER APART.
2. Place the positive (+) side of new battery in the same orientation. Refer to the diagram inside the transmitter unit.
3. Snap the two halves back together.

Replacing lost transmitters

If a remote transmitter has been lost and you would like to remove it from the vehicle's memory, or you
would like to purchase additional remote transmitters and have them programmed to your vehicle:
• Take all your vehicle's transmitters to your dealer for programming, or
• Perform the programming procedure yourself

Programming remote transmitters

It is necessary to have all (maximum of four - original and/or new) of your remote transmitters available prior to beginning this procedure.

To program the transmitters yourself:

• Insert a key in the ignition and turn from 1 (LOCK) to 3 (RUN) eight times in rapid succession (within 10 seconds) with the eighth turn ending in the 3 (RUN) position. The doors will lock/unlock to confirm that programming mode has been entered.

• Within 20 seconds, program a remote transmitter by pressing any button on a transmitter. The doors will lock/unlock to confirm that the remote transmitter has been programmed. (If more than 20 seconds pass before pressing a remote transmitter button, the programming mode will exit and the procedure will have to be repeated.)

• Repeat the previous step to program additional remote transmitters. The doors will lock/unlock to confirm that each remote transmitter has been programmed.

• When you have completed programming the remote transmitters, turn the ignition to 1 (LOCK) or wait 20 seconds. Again the doors will lock/unlock to confirm programming has been completed.

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I purchased some new key fobs from JP a few months back and haven't had a chance to program them to my Escape. I just remembered that I had them and wondered if anyone had posted a way to program them. Looks like some one did... :doh: :lol:
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