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Removal and Installation

1) With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist.

2) Remove the bolts and the RH splash shield.
* To install, tighten to 7 Nm (62 lb-in).

3) Using a suitable belt tensioner release tool, rotate the accessory drive belt tensioner counterclockwise and remove the accessory drive belt.

4) Remove the bolt and the accessory drive belt idler pulley.
* To install, tighten to 25 Nm (18 lb-ft).


Remove the bolt and the accessory drive belt tensioner.
* To install, tighten to 45 Nm (33 lb-ft).

5) NOTE: Refer to the illustration for correct drive belt routing.

To install, reverse the removal procedure


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What are the specs/brand of the polyribbed belt? Looking at Rockauto for example, they have belts with 3 ribs and belts with 6 ribs - all for a 2001 V6 model. Also, they have different lengths. Not sure which one is the correct one. Also numerous brands.

Same for tensioner: from different brands to different designs (at least the sketch/photo is different for the same p/n)
The ilder pulley, they have 2 photos: A Dayco that shows the idler pulley having a bearing (visible) and the Motorcraft brand (O.E.) which shows the pulley attached to a mount (bearing not visible).

Not sure which parts to order, and I don't want to open and pull out parts (easy way) - I need the vehicle (my feet...)

Would be nice to post the Motorcraft p/n & specs for belt, pulley & tensioner. Pics would help tremendously.

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