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When doing The prowler-patented 7-6-3®

-engine should be warmed?
-car position should be normal horizontal or lift up the front ?
- in any step of prowler-patented 7-6-3 start engine or run it through the gears?

Do we need a new drain plug?
is it with seal?
Is automatic transmission drain plug the same size/type like in engine oil ?


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prowler said:
If you drop down 4 boxes at your source material, you'll see the birth of the prowler-patented 7-6-3® transmission fluid-exchange process which supplements and optimizes the Lietzke process that you quoted. Here is the final version:

Ultimate Transmission Fluid Exchange Process

The prowler-patented 7-6-3® transmission fluid-exchange process WORKS!

Thanks to our new member Rurapentay who has actually done this, we now have a proven method that is arguably the best way to change ALL of the transmission fluid.

Using this approach, a home-mechanic with the simplest handtools can do an equal job to the $100-plus "professional" fluid exchanges (sometimes incorrectly referred to as a "flushes").


quote:Originally posted by prowler
1. Remove drain plug and drain 3.9 quarts.
2. Install 7 quarts.
3. Pump out 6 quarts.
4. Top off with approx. 3 quarts.

Draining and replacing the 4 quarts from the pan before the flush is started is the key. The tranny will never run dry this way.

quote:Originally posted by Rurapentay
well, I just finished using the 3.9 out, 7 in, 6 out, 3 in method and it went off without a hitch!! wonderful idea and by the time my catch pan read 6 quarts, the fluid looked nice and red.

thanks for all the incredible information!
Should I turn on engine and change gears From P to 2 after -3,9 +7 ?
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