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SNCF said:
When doing The prowler-patented 7-6-3®

-engine should be warmed?
-car position should be normal horizontal or lift up the front ?
- in any step of prowler-patented 7-6-3 start engine or run it through the gears?

Do we need a new drain plug?
is it with seal?
Is automatic transmission drain plug the same size/type like in engine oil ?

I would also like to know the answers to these questions, as I am at 89K miles and never changed any of the fluids (Transmission, Power Steering). I was considering taking it to a dealership to see if they woudl recommend a fluid change or a full flush (as long as they don't power flush and use the transmission's own power to cycle through the fluid), but after reading this post it seems as though I could do it myself. I am still on the fence because I have not experienced any real issues with the trans slipping but I do want this to last at least another 50K miles. My only reason for taking it do a dealership was they have more knowledge about the transmission and what the right route to take is. I thought I would seek any advice here about whether I should even bother with changing/replacing the fluid because of the high mileage. Any help would be appreciated!
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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