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Hello everybody. New member here but not new to Ford's (08 Escape, 08 F-150, and 09 Focus) or cars in general. My Escape has the 2.3L and its in the shop for a drivers side power window repair right now. The dealer recommended a fuel filter change (already found the thread on changing that) and a tranny flush. I am way too DYI to pay them to rape me. I found this thread and it sounds like a piece of cake. Just a couple of questions though:

1: do I have to change the filter since it's just a screen or just power flush it as described above?
2: Do the steps and supplies listed in this apply to my 08 as well? Clamps, fluid amounts and types?

My wife is driving to Florida from Texas and when she gets back I intend on doing a lot of maintenance as the miles she is going to drive will put her right at 30K miles with no tranny service ever being performed.

I am glad I found this place. I have found other forums that had no activity. I was beginning to lose hope of finding for my Escape what I have for my F-150; a good fan club.
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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