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prowler said:
If you drop down 4 boxes at your source material, you'll see the birth of the prowler-patented 7-6-3® transmission fluid-exchange process which supplements and optimizes the Lietzke process that you quoted. Here is the final version:

Ultimate Transmission Fluid Exchange Process

The prowler-patented 7-6-3® transmission fluid-exchange process WORKS!

Thanks to our new member Rurapentay who has actually done this, we now have a proven method that is arguably the best way to change ALL of the transmission fluid.

Using this approach, a home-mechanic with the simplest handtools can do an equal job to the $100-plus "professional" fluid exchanges (sometimes incorrectly referred to as a "flushes").


quote:Originally posted by prowler
1. Remove drain plug and drain 3.9 quarts.
2. Install 7 quarts.
3. Pump out 6 quarts.
4. Top off with approx. 3 quarts.

Draining and replacing the 4 quarts from the pan before the flush is started is the key. The tranny will never run dry this way.

quote:Originally posted by Rurapentay
well, I just finished using the 3.9 out, 7 in, 6 out, 3 in method and it went off without a hitch!! wonderful idea and by the time my catch pan read 6 quarts, the fluid looked nice and red.

thanks for all the incredible information!
hi there!

just to be sure, from step 2, you install 7 quarts through dipstick (it doesn't overflow?! ) and pump out 6 quarts through the drain plug or the inlet? just wanna be clear as JWS was talking about the transmission cooler inlet hose previously.

hope that doesn't sound too silly


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Hey there, I just bought all my tranny fluid last night! I'm excited to take the old MERCON out and put in fresh new MERCON V using the 7-6-3 method. But just to clarify..I had the same question, do we pump out 6 quarts through the drain plug just like in the initial step of draining out the 3.9, or do we have to drain it out through the inlet hose on the tranny. I have an '05 Escape XLS 4x4 and I just wanna make sure I get all the MERCON out so it doesn't interfere with the new MERCON V...thanks everyone for the help! I love these forums!
hi there

I have a 05 XLT 2.3L in Australia, I drained out the fluid from the drain plug first (though only a little over 2L came out for mine) topped up 3.5L, then drained out 2.5L from the cooler inlet, top up 2L, drained 2L from cooler inlet again etc. i only wanted to use the remainder of my transmission fluid which was about 8L so once that was almost out i topped up the fluid to original level. I suppose you should do it until you see nice red fluid flowing out. ( i did two drain and fill previously but my fluid was looking black)

and maybe someone else can advise me on this.
when i finished i had the fluid up to my top notch on the stick (checked after my engine was running for 30mins), after a few trips i checked again it was actually 1cm over the top mark however the gear was changing quite smoothly so i didn't do anything till i finished a 2000km trip. weird thing is after i reduce the fluid by just a bit. (now 0.5cm over the top notch). i can feel the gear change a bit more, esp 3rd to 4th gear.

i thought that a slightly higher fluid level shouldn't matter that much, does it? i tried to siphon fluid out of the fill tube but i can't seem to suck anything back up. so the only way i can reduce the fluid is by opening the drain plug partially for a few seconds, but that just makes a much bigger mess then a "drain and fill".
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