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2001 / 3 Escape lights question..........

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Ok, was thinking today, about the Mavericks front sidelights :confused:

On mine, the sidelight bulb is a little 5 watt thing mounted just below the headlamp bulb, but am I correct in thinking that over in the USA, the amber indicator light is also the sidelight.

If so, how could I get mine to work like this?????
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That's the way they work here, since we don't have requirements for the white "city light".

But if you modify your Maverick to work this way, you may not pass MOT inspection.
So is the turn light bulb a twin filament one??

As for the legality of it here, as long as I kept the front sidelight in the headlamp lens, I could modify the turn lights to US spec, as Landrover has done since 1998 with the DiscoveryII, and Rangerovers, indeed BMW, Mercedes, Volvo's etc now come with the American style sidemarkerlights and reflectors over here, both in car's and light commercials.

Just wondering if it's a simple mod.................... :confused:
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