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2001-all Cleaning MAF, Mass Air Flow Sensor (With Pictures)

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1. Detach air intake hose which connects to the throttle body

2. Unclip hooks on top of air filter housing

3. Disconnect electrical plug that connects to the MAF

4. Remove intake hose, MAF and air filter housing unit

5. Inspect condition of electrical contacts inside the intake hose

6. Spray the electrical contacts liberally with Electrical Contact Cleaner

7. Reassemble

Hope this helps someone out :thumb:


- Tribby
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Good how to do it yourself, and pretty good pictures. Works better for a tard like me with the pics... :doh:
Colleen said:
stone said:
Have you considered the service technician occupation?
We were kinda hoping that he would be the next James Bond. :D Ain't that right, tribby ? ;)

What makes up the other half?

Scotsman maybe?
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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