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2001-all Door Seal Mod

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The hatch on PUTT has been making noise for some time now so I did one of my old truck mods on the seal and it has stopped all the squeaking a banging noises from the hatch. It is a easy, kind of, fix for all hollow seals that just don't seem to do the job. Go to a home improvement center and get what is called "backer rod" or sometimes "caulking rope". Take the seal off the body pinch weld, tape up the vent holes on the seal with tape (you might have to clean the seal with something to get the tape to stick), use either air to push or a vaccuum to pull a string through the length of the seal, tie the backer rod to the string and pull the rod back through the seal, reinstall the seal, close hatch/door firmly.

Helpful hints: You may need to enlist the help of some kind soul to either blow air, or use the vaccuum to apply suction to the end of the seal as you pull the backer rod through. Leave the rod a bit long so you can make it jump the gap in the ends where the seal ends met.

Click on the picture for a bigger view.

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08HybridOK said:
On this note, isn't it still a good idea to rub all the rubber with silicone like my daddy taught me, or that old school now? (keeps the seals fresh, and helps to keep doors drom freezing shut)
Squishy said:
I still rub them with silicone at every oil change.
Hmmm, I will have to tell hubby about this. Thanks for the tip, y'all !! :)
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