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The other night I opened my moon roof (ok, it was during the day, so does that make it a sun roof? Maybe that's a topic for another thread)

Anyway, suddenly it made a big bang noise and it has since stopped working.

The motor runs both directions.
It will SOMETIMES open
It will NEVER close
I can manually slide it closed

Looking for:

Difficulty factor
Clear exploded view and parts list
A new Escape?

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JP :rockon:

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Mine broke (for the second time) last month. Click the following link to read about it:

I found a possible repair kit that costs $150. I posted the info for it near the end of the page. The post includes an exploded view of the moonroof assembly. I haven't tried it yet though.

Good luck getting it fixed. If you try to do it yourself, take pictures and post them here. I'm sure it would help a bunch of people.
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