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2001 Ford Escape XLT 4x4 bumper guard help?

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I recently installed a Bumper guard on my 2001 ford escape XLT and for some reason i feel when i look at it that it is not supposed to sit that far from the car. I had no trouble fitting it on and found it actually quite painless. Is there anyway to fit it if it is not on the car right. Here are some pictures! Thanks

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No, wait, it's where I parked it. :worry:

I have not been able to figure out if it can go back any. Mine looks identical. I got used to it sticking out and it doesn't really bother me, it hasn't been a problem. I agree it would look a bit nicer snugged up closer to the front end. If anyone knows if it can be adjusted back I'd be all ears, but I don't see how.
Jeddy said:
Oh man! we do have the same escape...I dont have lights on mine but once im done with mine they wont look the same. I was thinking about maybe grinding a bit on the holes to slide it back just a bit and I have no idea what to do other than that. Its not a big deal to me if I have to do some cutting because the guy sold me that guard for $30...
Wow, that's a steal. Mine was a lot more than that, but I ordered it new. Had a heck of a time finding it, the brand name ones cost even more that it did, so for the price I got it at I was happy even with it sticking out. My assumption is it's made more to fit the later Escapes, since mine was touted to fit 01-07, maybe they have attach points farther back??

Good luck to you on your customizing. I have a few other things on my Escape so they aren't quite identical, but man when I first seen your pics I had to do a double take.
Hit a cow.

See pics here.


I got a new one of a different design ready to go on once I get my Escape back from the body shop.
Jeddy said:
What kind of lights are those on your escape?
Here is a LINK. They are made by Westin. I got a new set of those too after the cow busted the mount on one, now I got spare parts off the old set, but really they never have given me any trouble at all to need parts for.
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