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2001 HU Replacement w/ Double Din

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Hey All,

I can't begin to express the amount of awesomeness I found this forum while I was planning my HU replacement. First post for me :)

The name of the game was I wanted bluetooth and sat radio built into the HU. The stock unit was annoying me because I had a mess of wires all over the dash - and the portable sat radio liked to shut off when I hit a couple of bumps (annoying).

Anyway, so after reading up, I got a couple of supplies and set down to do the replacement. Originally I ordered the Pioneer AVH-3200DVD, the bluetooth box, and XM Radio box from OnlineCarStereo but they then told me the unit was out of stock :(. Note, the reason I went was going with the DVD and external bluetooth was because the BT model doesn't support streaming bluetooth audio from what I read.

Anyway, long story short, ended up at Sonic Electronix with a Clarion VX400 (built-in bluetooth) and the Sirius radio attachment. What I loved about this setup was built-in bluetooth and the Sirius radio doesn't need additional power - I guess it pulls it from the HU.

The main reason I wanted to post was to give pictures of before and after with the hole in the dashboard. I didn't see any pictures from my searches about what needed to be cut out. So I was really curious to see how/what I needed to modify my dash for the double din to fit.

One surprise that I got was even though all the car places (Sonic and Crutchfield) said I didn't need a harness for the MACH sub... I did after I pulled out the stock radio and found the surprise :)

Another note, thanks to all about the sharp clips on the back of the heating/cooling plastic piece. I ended up putting a beach towel behind it while I was deciding how I wanted to cut the dash. No scratches to the dash thanks to the advice to watch out for them.

Parts I used:
  • Clarion VX400[/*]
  • Sirius SCC1 [/*]
  • Couple wiring harnesses, one would have been fine but yea... needed the sub harness too [/*]
  • Scosche Double Din Kit (FD1330B) - Used the mounting bracket from it. Don't know how I will ever get the radio out of the dash though - neither will thieves haha. [/*]
  • American International Kit (FM-K552) - Used the back brace from it. Also found the bezel to fit nicer with very minimal modification [/*]

Picture of the dash before I started:

Picture of the hole before I cut it open:

I tried using a dremel tool to widen the top and bottom of the hole... but I found it was melting the dash vs cutting it. I resorted to using a razor blade. The dash seemed soft enough and it seems to have come out pretty okay:

The wire mess that I was having after I hooked everything up:

All installed. The only thing I have left to do is play with the bezel around the radio:
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