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Bulletin No.: 002/00R
Issued: 08/31/00
Revised: 11/20/00


Applicable Models:
2001 Tribute


^ This bulletin supercedes 03-002/00R, revised 10/04/00. The APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINs section has been revised.

All 2001 V6 All-Wheel drive Tributes produced from April 17 to July 26, 2000.

Some vehicles may exhibit a vibration and popping noise when the throttle is depressed. This may be caused by premature wear of the propeller shaft CV joint or boot.

Customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired using the following procedure.

^ Before performing the following procedure, verify the following engineering part numbers or date stamped on the white label affixed to the propeller shaft:
- Engineering part numbers: YL8Z-4602-BH or YL84-4602-BL
- Date: after 08/01/00
^ If either of these numbers are found, the vehicle is already equipped with the correct part. Refer to the Workshop Manual for further diagnosis.
^ If propeller shaft label number is NOT one of the above listed or if label is missing, proceed to the REPAIR PROCEDURE.

^ Do not reuse any propeller shaft retaining fasteners. Install only new fasteners to avoid damage to vehicle.

1. Verify customer concern.

2. Raise and support the vehicle.

3. Position a safety stand under the propeller shaft center bearing support.

4. Remove the bolts and straps securing the rear of the propeller shaft to the differential yoke. Discard the bolts.

5. Remove and discard the canter bearing support nuts.

6. Remove the center bearing support ground strap bolt from the floor pan.

7. Remove and discard the bolts and washers securing the front of the propeller shaft to the power take off.

8. With the aid of an assistant, remove the propeller shaft from the safety stand. Discard the propeller shaft.

9. With the aid of an assistant, position the center bearing support of the new propeller shaft onto the safety stand. Position the rear of the propeller shaft into the differential yoke, then position the front of the propeller shaft into the power take off.
^ Make sure to align the yellow mark of the new propeller shaft to the yellow balance mark of the differential yoke flange.
^ The rear of the propeller shaft must be bolted to the differential yoke before the center bearing support nuts are installed.

10. Install the straps with new bolts to secure the rear of the propeller shaft to the differential yoke.
Tightening torque
23 Nm (17 ft-lb)

11. Install new nuts to the center bearing support.
Tightening torque
48 Nm (35 ft-lb)

12. Install the center bearing support ground strap to the floor pan.
Tightening torque
40 Nm (30 ft-lb)

13. Install new bolts and washers to secure the front of the propeller shaft to the power take off.
Tightening torque
37 Nm (27 ft-lb)
^ New bolts and washers are included with propeller shaft assembly for power take off mounting.

14. Remove the safety stand from under the center bearing support.

15. Lower the vehicle.

16. Verify repair.

SA56-25-100H - Propeller Shaft - Qty. 1
9XG0-58-91X1 - Retaining Nut - Qty. 2
9YA0-20-633A - Retaining Bolt - Qty. 4

Warranty Type: A
Symptom Code: 90
Damage Code: 9M
Part Number Main Cause: SA56-25-100H
Quantity: 1
Operation Number / Labor Hours: YY222XRX / 0.8

^ This information applies to verified customer complaints on vehicles covered under normal warranty. Refer to the SRT microfiche for warranty term information.
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