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Bulletin No.: 013/00R
Issued: 08/31/00
Revised: 10/04/00


Applicable Model/s:
2001 Tribute


^ This bulletin supersedes 01-013/00, issued 08/31/00. The APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINs section has been revised.

All 2001 V6 Tribute produced from April 17 to July 26, 2000.

Some vehicles may exhibit a slight engine vibration at idle, during engine start-up and/or shutdown, or driving at highway speeds over rough roads. In addition, an oil leak from the passenger side engine mount may occur. Both concerns may be caused by an inadequate crimping procedure of this particular engine mount.

Customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired using the following procedure.

1. Verify customer concern.

2. Remove one (1) front engine support bracket bolt and install a lifting eye (SST 303-050).

3. Install and support the front of the engine with a support hook attached to a 3-bar engine support (SST 303-F072).

4. Remove the front retaining nut and loosen the rear nut of the degas bottle. Position the degas bottle out of the way.

5. Remove the A/C line bracket nut and position the A/C line out of the way.

6. Remove the bolts securing the front engine mount to the front engine support bracket and the right-hand apron.

7. Raise the front of the engine approximately 13 mm (1/2 inch) by adjusting the support hook on the 3-bar engine support.

8. Remove the front engine mount from the vehicle.

9. Position the new front engine mount onto the vehicle, and install the three (3) bolts securing the mount to the right-hand apron. Do not tighten at this time.

10. With the aid of an assistant, align the front engine support bracket and mount, then lower the engine.

11. Install one (1) new bolt to secure the front engine support bracket to the mount.
Tightening torque
103 Nm (76 ft-lb)

12. Tighten the three (3) bolts securing the front engine mount to the right-hand apron.
Tightening torque
55 Nm (41 ft-lb)

13. Position the A/C line, then install the A/C line bracket nut.
Tightening torque
10 Nm (89 in-lb)

14. Install the degas bottle.
Tightening torque
6 Nm (53 in-lb)

15. Remove the 3-bar engine support and the lifting eye.

16. Install the front engine support bracket bolt.
Tightening torque
90 Nm (66 ft-lb)

17. Verify repair.

EC01-39-060A - Engine mount - Qty. 1
9XG0-66-061K - Bolt - Qty. 1

Warranty Type: A
Symptom Code: 76
Damage Code: 9G
Part Number Main Cause: EC01-39-060A
Quantity: 1
Operation Number / Labor Hours: YY221XRX / 0.6

^ This information applies to verified customer complaints on vehicles covered under normal warranty. Refer to the SRT microfiche for warranty term information.
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