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Ok my 4wd worked ok today I put it in reverse and I heard a clunking sound only for a second in the rear . Now I have no 4wd lite works.. but no traction at all in snow..

any ideas?

No flashing lights''
no ABS light
No Cel light..

Only reason I know Its not working is the rear tires don't spin at all.



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That's actually normal. It happens in my Escape too. I forget the exact reason though... there was a discussion about it a long time ago on a different Escape board and some of the more mechanically proficient folks there explained why it happens. Basically the transfer case in the earlier Escapes weren't designed for reverse when set in 4x4 mode on the dash. This might be part of the reason the system was replaced after 4 years...

Oops...I didn't originally see that you said your 4x4 system wasn't working now. That shouldn't happen. How long did you reverse for? Was your Tribby set to 4x4 on the dash when you heard the noise?
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