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I just modded my switches in my 02 with help from jpark :thumb: thanks again
My 02 had only the window switch for the driver illuminate so i purchached and modded an 05 set, works great
now i also purchased an pass side set of switches cause on that side only the window controls light up.
the 02 has less pins/wires from door lock switch,
how would i wire it to illumate the door lock switch, could i just jump from the window illum wires if so which ones?

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i am going to be doing mine real soon so i will be able to help you more then but if you wanted to do it before then, I would put a meter on each wire and see witch one has power when the parking lights are on. that should be the one you want to jump off of. It should be the dark blue wire
this should narrow it down a little anyhow

pink / white ........Passenger side door lock switch

white / yellow..... Passenger side window UP/DOWN switch
red / light blue ....Passenger side window UP/DOWN switch
tan / light blue ....Passenger side window UP/DOWN switch
yellow / red ........Passenger side window UP/DOWN switch
red / yellow.........Passenger side window UP/DOWN switch

dark blue............Passenger side door / window lighting system
black.................Passanger side ground wire

Just incase you dont already know the first color is the color of the wire and the second color is the color of the stripe on the wire so blue / white would be a blue wire with a white stripe on it.
Hope it works for ya!! Keep us posted!!

Edit* just noticed this is over a month old. lol my bad. maybe hes still looking :tumble:
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