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I have been researching the past few days on how to update my 2003 Escape front end to the 2005-2007 look.

Here is what I have read on here and other spots....

Left and right side Headlamps

Front Bumper cover

WPT-249 connectors or get a harness from a salvage vehicle

Has anyone used aftermarket headlight assemblies? If so, feedback? (price and from who?)
Will a salvage Tribute or Mariner be sufficient for a harness?

Is there only one 2005-2007 bumper? What about this one? ... nufacturer

I am a aircraft electrician by trade and am pretty sure I can wire up the newer headlamps and make them work like they do on 2005-2007s with a few mods.

I will post schematic after I have it installed and working.



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After market headlamps are a mixed bag of goods and evils. If your ebay shopping...remember, Buyer beware! Some are good, and some are downright bad if not dangerous. Nothing worse than brightning up your vision, while blinding the oncoming traffic! :shock:
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