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2003 Mazda Tribute Tow Capacity?

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Do you guys happen to know what the towing capacity is for a 2003 Mazda Tribute 3.0 4wd? Im deciding if it is worth throwing a hitch on for some light towing? Small Bass Boat, Pop Up camper, small home depot trailer, etc.....

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The factory tow package includes an engine oil cooler, trailer wiring harness, and the hitch itself. All automatic Escapes and Tributes came with a transmission cooler (except the Hybrids).

If you are approaching the tow package rating, I think you should be fine with a good synthetic oil, changed before and after you tow. You can check at forums to see what their flavour of the month is - they tend to like German Castrol and Pennzoil Platinum.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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