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2003 Mazda6 vehicles (equipped with seat warmers) produced before April 20, 2003

Some customers may complain the seat warmers turn off too early or may not heat to their satisfaction. The operating temperature of the new seat warmer has been increased on later vehicles by 14F on average to address this concern.

Customers having this concern should have their vehicles repaired using the following repair procedure.

It is recommend an upholstery shop or technician with upholstery experience perform this repair.

Procedures outlined below are for driver's seat with power seat option. Non-powered driver's seat and passenger seat is similar.

1. Verify customer concern.

2. Record customer's radio pre-set stations.

3. Raise driver's seat bottom to its highest position by lifting seat control lever upward.

4. Move seat to rearward most position to gain access to front seat frame bolts.

5. Remove front seat frame bolt covers (2) by pulling forward to disengage retainers.

6. Remove front seat track bolts (2).

7. Move seat to forward most position to gain access to rear seat frame bolts.

8. Remove rear seat frame bolt covers (2) by pulling rearward to disengage retainers.

9. Remove rear seat track bolts (2).

10. Disconnect negative battery cable and wait for more than 1 minute to discharge air bag system.

11. Detach seat control connectors and Yellow side air bag module connector (if equipped) from bracket by depressing the tips inward.

12. Disconnect seat control harness connector.

13. Disconnect the Yellow side air bag module harness connector (if equipped).

14. Carefully remove seat from vehicle and place upside down on a clean blanket or fender cover.

15. Remove rear of seat cushion trim by detaching seat cushion trim j-hook from metal tabs at rear of seat cushion frame.

16. Remove seat cushion frame bolts (4).

17. Detach all connectors attached to seat cushion frame.

18. Remove seat cushion/frame assembly from seat assembly and place upside down on a clean blanket or fender cover.

19. Remove sides of seat cushion trim attached at tabs on seat cushion frame.

20. Pull seat cushion trim off of seat cushion.

21. Remove seat cushion trim from metal frame by cutting off all "hog" rings.
Use care not to damage the seat cushion trim; it will be reinstalled onto the new seat cushion.

22. Obtain new seat cushion.

23. Reinstall old seat cushion trim onto the new seat cushion.

24. Using new "hog" rings, reinstall seat cushion onto seat cushion frame.
To prevent damage to the seat cushion trim, make sure to position sharp tips of hog rings downward.

25. Inspect the seat cushion trim for any wrinkles and correct if necessary.

26. To reinstall seat cushion onto seat assembly, reverse removal procedures.

27. To reinstall seat assembly into vehicle, reverse removal procedures. Seat frame bolt torque: 37-53 N.m (27-39 Ft-lb).

28. Repeat Steps 3 - 27 to repair passenger's side seat.

29. Reconnect negative battery cable.

30. Confirm seat warmer operation.

31. Re-enter customer's radio pre-set stations.

GK2H-88-11XB - Front Passenger's Side Seat Cushion Sub-Assembly - Qty. 1
GK2H-88-16XB - Front Driver's Side Seat Cushion Sub-Assembly - Qty. 1 - Power Seat
GM9V-88-16XB - Front Driver's Side Seat Cushion Sub-Assembly - Qty. 1 - Manual Seat
0824-88-049 - Seat Cushion Trim Clips (Hog Rings) - Qty. 1 - Cloth Seat (20 hog rings per seat), Leather Seat (24 hog rings per seat)

Warranty Type: A
Symptom Code: 92
Damage Code: 9E
Part Number Main Cause: SEE PART(S) INFORMATION
Quantity: 1
Operation Number / Labor Hours: XX603XRX1 / 0.9 Hrs. (one seat), XX603XRX2 / 1.8 Hrs. (both seats)

^ This warranty information applies only to verified customer complaints on vehicles eligible for warranty repair. Refer to the SRT microfiche for warranty term information. Additional diagnostic time cannot be claimed for this repair.
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