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Ive owned, opperated and maintained my escape for almost 40,000km and 15months. driven it in -40, in extreme heat, through blizzards, 6 lane highways, big cities and back country no where. and my only real big complaint is leg room. I would love to have the telescopic steering wheel like in a focus, so that i could move my seat back as my knee rubs on the dash. comfort otherwise is good, my daughter and wife like it, the handling has been great so far and the auto 4x4 has impressed me. Ive used it to pull my boat and utility trailer and it does that job extremely well with no complaint even when pulling the boat out where there is no launch. as far as maintenance goes, i regularly change my fluids. spark plugs have been replaced (one blew out of the hole i got lucky and the threads in the head survived). had the transmission shudder problem which cost me $200 at the dealer for a flush, that fixed it. ive upgraded the tires and front brakes. (list of mods in my sig). replaced a wheel bearing (the other one is going to be done this weekend) and currently have the break squeak problem which will be attended to this weekend as well. fuel millage on the highway is awesome, im not totally impressed with it in town but i think thats a throttle operator problem . Ive owned about 15 vehicles this one being the newest (my wifes car is an 05 but i hardly ever drive it). i do miss my steel frames and bumpers, but over all, i would rate this as a 8 out of 10.
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