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2004 Ford Escape lift question, will I need new struts or shocks with the OME coils

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Pretty new to lifting vehicles/suspension work, but the question is,

I ordered 1.25" OME coils for front and back for my 2004 v6 escape.

Are these coils just plug in and play, or will I need to replace my shocks, or struts as well for this lift increase?

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As a general rule, yes.
It is how a lift works.
Let's look at our suspension, and draw some example.
With stock suspension, let's say your strut or shock has 3 inches up travel, and 3 inches down travel.
You install the 1.5 inch lift springs, so you've extended that shock 1.5 inches down, so now you have 4.5 inches up travel, 1.5 inches down travel.
When you hit a bump the car compresses -okay, but when it bounces back up, massive KLUNK as the spring extends, and the shock cannot and eventually the shock gets damaged internally.
A true off-road spring is going to have more full movement as well, so they might allow for even more down travel than the stock struts/shocks have.
If you plan to do anything more than mall-crawl, to work properly, you'll need new struts/shocks.

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